3: Pantry Pack

3: Pantry Pack

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Item Size
Best Yet Fruit Cocktail in Syrup 15.25 oz
Best Yet Canned Whole Beans 14.5 oz
Best Yet Canned Sweet Corn 15.25 oz
Best Yet Instant Potatoes 13.3 oz
Best Yet Applesauce Cups-original 6 Pack 
Best Yet - Beans (Red Kidney, Pinto, Great Northern, or similar) 3 cans
Campbell's - 3 Tomato / 3 Chicken Noodle 6 cans
Best Yet Spaghetti (2) 16 oz
Best Yet Spaghetti Sauce Traditional 24 oz
Can Opener each
Shurfine Toasted Oats 12 oz.
Best Yet Ground Coffee-Med Rich 11.3 oz
Best Yet Rolled Oats 42 oz
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese 7.25 oz
Arnold Palmer Tea/Lemonade  Gallon
Best Yet Tuna Albacore in Water 5 oz
Best Yet Long Grain Rice 2 lbs
Split Peas lb
Best Yet Sugar 4 lb. bag
Simply Done Paper Towels 6 PK
Best Yet Water - Bottles 24 Pack
Rold Gold Pretzels-Tiny Twists Lb
Best Yet Peanut Butter Creamy 16.3 oz
Best Yet Peanut Butter Crunchy 16.3 oz.
Shurfine Grape Jelly 32 oz
Oreos 14.3 oz.
Best Yet Microwave Butter Popcorn 9.9 oz
Reusable Bags 2 Bags
Reusable Bags 3 Bags
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