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JustCoffee is much more than Just Coffee

We are happy to be partnering with the JustCoffee Coop to offer you some of the world’s best fair-trade coffee! It is a super exciting partnership where we can get great coffee and help farmers around the world.

This partnership came about as a result of a BonaResponds' workday where volunteers packed food bags for the hundreds of would-be immigrants who are waiting in Mexico to be interviewed for admission into the USA. Very few are accepted and there is a long wait. Thus, along the borders many people, who have no jobs, are homeless, and hungry become easy targets for gangs and human traffickers.

The speaker at the event was Br. Joe who had recently spent a few weeks volunteering along the border. In the talk, he mentioned a group that was doing a great deal to lower the need to migrate by creating good jobs by paying coffee farmers "a fair price". That comment led to some phone calls and emails, and we now are carrying JustCoffee! I am very excited about this!

Look for their products on the shelf today. It is so fresh that it is roasted only AFTER we place an order!

We also will start carrying them in our "ad" once we can do ads again!

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