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Two new coffees!

I know I mentioned back a few months ago how happy I was that we were carrying JustCoffee coffees. They are a fair trade coffee. What is Fair Trade?

I describe it to my classes as Fair Trade results in no stakeholder taking advantage of their relative power to earn "abnormal economic rents" to the disadvantage of others. In many cases, the farmers are the people with the least power and are often taken advantage of by larger suppliers.

For instance, suppose MEGA coffee comes in and buys all the coffee from a region. MEGA sets the price and the small farmers can either take it or leave it. Enter Fair Trade. A Fair Trade certified firm would pay a fair price to the farmers. This can mean it costs a little more to the final consumer, but make a world of difference to the farmer.

JustCoffee is such a coffee producer. They buy coffees from farmers and co-ops around the world (a co-op, in this case, is just a bunch of farmers who pool the talents). The coffee is great! They treat people fairly. It is a win:


This week we got two new coffees in. One I don't know to much about except that Paul (my contact at JustCoffee) said it was "by far their top seasonal coffee". So celebrate the coming Fall Season with Wake The Dead Coffee!

If that weren't good enough? The other new coffee we got this week is from the Bona Co-op in Ethiopia. For real! It is a light roast (so a little more caffeine). The story is too good, and too long for now, but try the coffee. I will tell the story in the coming days.

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